turtle conservation

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Pemba Lodge uses a percentage of its revenue to fund future marine and environmental projects around the Island.

We are fortunate to have both endangered Hawksbill and Green Turtles using the beach at Pemba Lodge for their nesting sites. These beautiful creatures lay their eggs in nests on our pristine beach before heading back out to sea. After a period of two months the hatchlings are born.

For many years, the inhabitants of Shamiani Island have derived a source of income from the capture and sale of these turtles. Both their meat and shells “tortoiseshell” which are used commercially and are highly sought after.

As part of our commitment to conservation on the island, Pemba Lodge in conjunction with the local community, has entered into a campaign to help protect the turtle population, which is fast declining around both Unguja and Pemba.

For each turtle found the lodge pay’s a cash fee, and in return the turtle is left alone to nest and go back to the sea. The eggs are also left to hatch without disturbance.

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